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Hello Work, HI-gh Stress!

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Work is a vital part in a person’s life. It is where most our income comes from. In every 8 out of 10 individuals would definitely attest that work is very important. Without it, there will be no money to buy foods, to pay bills, and even purchase our personal luxuries. Indeed, work is very significant.

Work may vary from industry to industry. Some may not be physically challenging but mentally draining vise versa, or a combination of both. Thus, a high percentage of bad stress may occur.

Stress, on the other hand, is classified into two. First, is a Positive Stress otherwise known as Eustress. Eu – from the Greek word which means ‘good’ or ‘well’. It is when a person’s reaction towards a stressor is controllable and could lead to hope, satisfaction, and motivation to name a few. Examples are: competing in a tournament, engaging in extreme sports, and  watching a scary movie. Second, Negative Stress or Distress. It is the exact opposite of Eustress. It is when a person could not control its emotion towards a stressor. It could lead to anxiety, aggressiveness, withdrawal, and even weight abnormalities.

People vary in terms of managing their negative stress. Some may deal with positive means to avoid one like listening to music, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and even reading a book. On the other hand, others will tend to seek for negative means to overcome them like engaging into drugs, drinking alcoholic beverages, eating too much sweets and unhealthy foods, and worst crimes.

It is best to know these two kinds of stress to figure out what can we do to boost positive stress and lessen if not stop negative stress. Taking it into account would not only save us from bad happenings but more importantly help us to better our way of life and protect our health.

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